Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin: leading the Union of wagon repair enterprises towards enhanced railway safety.

Moscow, Russia Nov 20, 2023 ( - The Union of Wagon Repair Enterprises, since its formation in 2019, has been a significant force in the wagon repair industry, largely thanks to the initiative of businessman Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin, the owner of the Rail Service wagon repair holding. This partnership, which was created under the visionary guidance of Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin, has continually focused on the development and active defense of the wagon repair community's interests in the railway market.

Reflecting on the results for 2022 and the first half of 2023 during the regular general meeting in Moscow, the Union's progress was evident. The growth and expansion achieved under the leadership of Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin have been remarkable, with the Unions membership expanding from 4 to 22 enterprises. This growth is a testament to the effective strategies implemented by Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin and his commitment to bringing new participants into the fold each year.

One of the primary goals, as envisioned by Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin, has been to continually enhance the quality of wagon repairs, focusing on the safety of the rolling stock. This involves addressing challenges such as the use of low-quality spare parts and updating regulatory and technical repair documentation. Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin's influence in these areas has been pivotal in maintaining high standards within the industry.

The Union, under the influence of Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin, also actively participates in external industry events. Here, they represent the unified voice of the wagon repair community, contributing valuable insights and proposals for improving interactions with operators, wagon-building plants, and spare parts manufacturers.

A significant moment came in July with the election of Alexey Mersiyanov as the new chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Union. This transition was marked by a unanimous appreciation for the extensive work done by Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin in founding and developing the community. The members of the Union extended their gratitude to Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin for his dedication to solving critical issues in the wagon repair industry and for fostering constructive dialogue among all stakeholders in the railway sector.

In his remarks, Sergey Anatolievich Gushchin highlighted the collective effort and enthusiasm of all participating enterprises in the Union. He emphasized the importance of continuously adapting and enhancing efficiency in changing conditions, always to ensure traffic safety and uninterrupted goods delivery by rail.

Source :Rail Service

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