Tech Entrepreneur Kalpesh Desai Debuts 'Jasmines In Her Hair' a Poetry Book Delving Into Relationship Insights.

Jasmines In Her Hair

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jan 25, 2024 ( - With his latest book, Jasmines In Her Hair, Dubai-based technology entrepreneur and author Kalpesh Desai has demonstrated that language has an intricate connection to the human experience. This captivating poetry collection describes a journey that allows the readers to explore the timeless themes of love, heartbreak, self-love, healing, rediscovery, and regeneration.

Though he has been writing poetry from a very young age, he decided to invest some of his time during the pandemic to building a presence on Instagram (@kalpeshdesai.official), where he posts his written and spoken-word poetry. The strong engagement that he has experienced on this platform has encouraged him to write and publish his book.

Desai's verses extend an invitation to treasure every relationship and find solace in releasing oneself from the past, acknowledging the profound impact that every connection has had on our life's journey - the initial flames of passion to the realization that love flourishes on principles of integrity, intimacy, kindness, understanding, and consistency. Desai's poetry will resonate with readers on a deeply personal level since the verses underscore the necessity to express gratitude for the contribution that each connection makes in our life and allow us to acknowledge them for being the catalyst for personal growth and inner peace.

Jasmines In Her Hair is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at various retail stores globally.

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Jasmines In Her Hair

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